2020 Flu Vaccinations update

The following groups will be eligible for a free vaccination as detailed:

All pre-school children – The pre-school immunisation team will contact parents and guardians with an appointment at a community location.

Primary school children – All primary school children will be immunised at school.  Please note there is NO opportunity this year for missed vaccinations to be done in the GP surgery.

Children aged 12-17 in a clinical at risk category or living with someone on the Scottish COVID shielding register – Call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.

Aged 18-64 in a clinical at risk category – You are invited to call reception after 11am on 0141 776 1238 opt 4 to make an appointment here at the surgery.

Pregnant women – you will be offered flu vaccination from Maternity services.  Speak to your midwife for more information.

Aged 65 or over by 31.3.21 – you will receive an invite from the Health Board with a specific appointment at a community clinic.  If you need to change your appointment please call 0141 2014180.  Alternatively you can email making sure to give your full name, Date of birth, Original appointment details (including date and venue), whether you are asking for a new appointment, and your mobile number (to allow you to get your new appointment by text).

Age 55-64 and not otherwise eligible – You will receive a letter with an appointment for a local community clinic during December and January.

Unpaid adult and young carers – If aged 12-17 please call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.  If aged 18-64, please make an appointment with a local participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.

Household members of someone who is shielding – If aged 12-17 please call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.  If aged 18-64, please make an appointment with a local participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.

Social Care Workers – If you are a social care worker providing personal care in adult care homes, children’s residential or secure care settings, you are eligible for a free vaccination.  If not already offered through your workplace you can make an appointment with a participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.


calendarOur routlne GP appointment length is 12 minutes. This allows the GP to deal with 1 or 2 clinical problems. However, if you have a very complex problem, or a number of different problems, then we would encourage you to discuss with our reception staff whether you need a 20 or 30 minute appointment.

Urgent 'same day' appointments are 5 minutes long because they are designed to cope with urgent problems, and therefore GPs will not have sufficient time to deal with more complex issues. These are best seen in our routine appointments as above.

Medical examinations can require anything between a 15 minute and a 45 minute appointment. Discuss with the Reception Staff what kind of medical assessment is required. 

Can I Bring Someone to Accompany me to the Appointment?

We are generally very happy for patients to bring with them a carer, relative or even a friend. This often helps, particularly when they know you well and it allows them to tell us any observations they would make about you, which can help us in undertaking our assessment. Ultimately this will lead us more quickly to make an accurate diagnosis and therefore help you more.

Also, having someone with you means they can prompt you to ask questions that you may have forgotten, and after the appointment they can help in reminding you what was discussed.

Occasionally we might ask for them to leave but this would be unusual.

If you require interpretation services please contact us in advance of you appointment and we will arrange this.

Nurse Appointments

Nurse appointments are available by booking via the telephone or at reception.

We have a skill mix within our nursing team and it is therefore important that we know what it is you wish to consult the nurse about so that we may book you in with the appropriate person for the appropriate length of time.

We have two Health Care Support Workers who are trained to carry out some clinical duties e.g. taking blood samples, measuring blood pressures. 

These members of staff are not Nurses and are unable to advise on specific tests requested by a doctor or on the meaning of results.

Telephone Appointmentsmobile_phone

Increasingly in the last few years we have been using telephone consultations with our patients. You can ask for your GP or Nurse to discuss a problem on the telephone. These appointments are usually mid-morning before or after surgeries.

The Reception Staff will take some information from you, and arrange for the Clinician to telephone you back later in the day.

Typically telephone appointments are used for:

  • Following up on a particular problem – has it got better, or does it need further treatment.
  • Giving results, where the result needs more explanation than usual.
  • Giving advice or detailed explanation, often after a hospital appointment – once the hospital letter has been received.

Extended Hours

From 07:30am until 08:30am every Monday morning, we run a surgery which is designed to allow people, who are unable to attend during the day, to come and see a GP in the morning.

This includes appointments with our Health Care Support Worker for blood tests.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else. A recent analysis indicates that we lose 10 surgeries (120+ appointments) a month because patients do not let us know they are unable to keep their appointment.

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