Our Clinics

We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases and offer a wide variety of medical services.

Special Clinic Appointments

We have a range of services for patients with chronic diseases. These include;

  • Asthma – Telephone reviews are available by appointment
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – Telephone reviews are available by appointment
  • Diabetic – Telephone reviews are available by appointment for patients with concerns. The Practice will contact you when your annual review is due.
  • Minor Surgery –  Joint injections, wart removal, small cyst removal by arrangement with GP
  • Heart and Stroke annual review – Telephone reviews are available by appointment
  • High Blood Pressure – Patients are encouraged to use home blood pressure monitors. Telephone review of results available on receipt of readings
  • Chronic Kidney Disease annual review – Currently suspended

Patients are often invited by letter to attend one of these clinics. In general these clinics are booked by our front desk staff arranging the appointments.

Nurse & Healthcare Assistants

Nurse appointments are available by booking via the telephone or at reception and include the following:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Dressings and Stitch Removal
  • Post-operative wound checks
  • Blood Tests
  • DMARD monitoring for patients on medication for  rheumatic conditions and colitis
  • Cervical Smear Screening
  • Injections
  • Ear assessment – Ear irrigations currently suspended
Other Services
  • Child Health – You will be contacted by the Practice to arrange appointment for 6 week baby check
  • Family Planning – The practice provides a comprehensive range of family planning services including combined oral contraceptive pill, progesterone only contraceptive pill, Depot contraception, advice on condom usage, spermicides, Diaphragms and caps, pre-conceptual care and advice.
  • Post coital contraception – Most local pharmacies offer this service. Please contact them direct. For more information on family planning click here.
  • Maternity Care – Once your pregnancy has been confirmed by a home pregnancy kit, please call 0141 232 4005 to arrange your first midwife appointment.  Midwives from the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital run clinics at the Kirkintilloch Health & Care Centre. If a patient chooses to be booked at another hospital, they will be required to travel there for midwife clinics. Ante-natal visits are run at the KHCC. This is where you will have your scan performed. Your midwife will provide you with your shared care record with the schedule of clinic appointments and contact numbers.