2020 Flu Vaccinations update

The following groups will be eligible for a free vaccination as detailed:

All pre-school children – The pre-school immunisation team will contact parents and guardians with an appointment at a community location.

Primary school children – All primary school children will be immunised at school.  Please note there is NO opportunity this year for missed vaccinations to be done in the GP surgery.

Children aged 12-17 in a clinical at risk category or living with someone on the Scottish COVID shielding register – Call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.

Aged 18-64 in a clinical at risk category – You are invited to call reception after 11am on 0141 776 1238 opt 4 to make an appointment here at the surgery.

Pregnant women – you will be offered flu vaccination from Maternity services.  Speak to your midwife for more information.

Aged 65 or over by 31.3.21 – you will receive an invite from the Health Board with a specific appointment at a community clinic.  If you need to change your appointment please call 0141 2014180.  Alternatively you can email making sure to give your full name, Date of birth, Original appointment details (including date and venue), whether you are asking for a new appointment, and your mobile number (to allow you to get your new appointment by text).

Age 55-64 and not otherwise eligible – You will receive a letter with an appointment for a local community clinic during December and January.

Unpaid adult and young carers – If aged 12-17 please call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.  If aged 18-64, please make an appointment with a local participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.

Household members of someone who is shielding – If aged 12-17 please call 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.  If aged 18-64, please make an appointment with a local participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.

Social Care Workers – If you are a social care worker providing personal care in adult care homes, children’s residential or secure care settings, you are eligible for a free vaccination.  If not already offered through your workplace you can make an appointment with a participating pharmacy.  A full list of participating pharmacies is available here.

Travel Vaccinationsglobal air travel

Patients who may require vaccinations relating to foreign travel, are required to submit  travel plans to the practice, using our Travel Clinic Pro-forma,  NO LESS THAN 8 WEEKS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE DATE.

Please consider your travel vaccination requirements when booking your holiday. Please visit for further advice

The Practice is unable to accommodate requests for Travel clinic appointments less than 8 weeks prior to departure.

Travel clinic pro-forma will include details of countries and areas to be visited as well as accommodation type and expected activities. Travel needs of patients are very individual and can vary greatly depending on the age and vaccination history of the patient. e.g. A family of four going to the same hotel/resort may require different vaccinations from each other.

Our Travel Clinic is held on a monthly basis, usually during the last week of the month, on a Tuesday or Friday. It is very important to book this initial appointment as early as possible, and AT LEAST 8 WEEKS PRIOR TO TRAVEL. This is particularly important during spring and summer months where there is greater demand for appointments.

Your travel clinic appointment for vaccination needs to be at least 4 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to take effect, but can be sooner. Each member of the family will be allocated a 15 minute appointment at the travel clinic where NHS vaccines can be administered. Patients must bring prescribed vaccines to this appointment.

Non-NHS vaccines

Some travel vaccines are only available on a private prescription via a pharmacy or by visiting a private travel clinic. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS. Anti-Malarial tablets can often be purchased from a pharmacy. Some non-NHS vaccinations require to be commenced 8 weeks prior to travel.

Our practice continues to provide NHS allowable vaccinations (i.e. Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio) but no longer provides travel vaccinations that are currently available only on private prescription (i.e. Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis ACWY, and some anti-malarial tablets).


Please see for further advice

Travel Clinic Pro-forma


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Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe a very useful booklet has been published with advice and guidance to help you get the most out of your holiday. To visit please click:- (this is a large document and may take a minute or two to view)


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