Training Practice

Undergraduate Training

As a practice we are committed to medical education.  We currently teach 3rd year medical students led by various GPs.  These students are from Glasgow University and come to us under the auspices of  Greater Glasgow NHS University Trust.

The under-graduate students are all aware of the importance of Patient Confidentiality.  You will be asked if you are willing to allow students to be present/involved in your consultation, at the time you book your appointment or on checking in for the appointment.

If you do not wish to have students present please inform the reception staff. 

Postgraduate Training

As part of our interest in medical education we are involved in GP Registrar training.  GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors with significant hospital experience.  They will usually not have worked in a primary care/general practice setting.  The purpose of this additional training is to equip them for working in a General practice setting. 

The Registrar is with the practice for one year and is gradually incorporated in to the services the practice provides.  They have a GP supervisor to refer to at all times.  Dr’s McAuley, Macdonald and Gilmore are the supervisors for this.

Nurse Training

On occasions, the practice supports nurse training, when students from Glasgow Caledonian University are attached to the practice. These students may be seeking to gain a general nursing qualification, or may be nurses who are intending to extend their practice in more specialized fields, including district nursing, public health nursing, or another speciality.