Our Allied Health Professionals

District Nurses

As part of the Primary Health Care Trust, the District Nurses work in partnership with patients, their families, carers and other health care services. For those patients who are housebound, our service offers skilled Nursing care, advice and support. District Nurses can be contacted on 0141 304 7411.

If think you need to see a member of the District nursing team for the first time please see your GP who can arrange this.

Health Visitors

A health visitor is a registered nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women. Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Our health visitor is based within the Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre they can be contacted o  0141 304 7420


Sarah Giffen

Sarah Giffen (f)

Sarah has lived in East Dunbartonshire since 2008. She has a degree in Psychology, and post-graduate diplomas in Christian Studies and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages). Outside of work Sarah’s time is mainly spent on family. She is involved in her local church, and also enjoys reading, baking, walking and cycling.